Sibylle Schwarz


Sibylle Schwarz (*1960) is a German artist, born and living in Stuttgart. She studied at the Johannes-Gutenberg school of design in Stuttgart from 1977 to 1980, followed by 3 years at the colleges of Schwäbisch-Gmünd and Pforzheim.

Sibylle Schwarz started her career as an art-director of the renowned advertising agency GGK Düsseldorf followed by a position at Mc Cann Erickson in Frankfurt. A few years later in 1987, she moved to New York City, where she worked closely together with Richard Hsu until 1988, realizing design projects for Dior, Fendi, Bloomingdale’s and other prominent clients.

In the following years, Sibylle Schwarz worked as an independent artist in Tokyo together with the Japanese artist Icon Seizo Tashima as well as at the Tretjakows museum in Moscow.

From 1992 until 1995, Sibylle Schwarz was offered a guest professorship for cultural design at the Academy of Arts, Berlin. In 1995, her son Moses was born. At the end of the 90’s she worked mainly as a freelance designer and artist, amongst others for the New York Times Magazine and the Washington Post.

Recently, Sibylle Schwarz realized with Richard Hsu further creative projects, such as for the Beijing Olympiade in 2008, for the Gallery Quoquo Hongkong and the Pan Asia Conference Jeju in South Korea, 2013. In 2013, she followed a call for a guest professorship for calligraphy and painting at the Confucius Institute, Charlotte, USA.

Today, Sibylle Schwarz lives and works as an independent artist in Stuttgart, Paris and Benin.

1960 Born in Stuttgart, Germany
1977-80 Johannes-Gutenberg graphicdesign school Stuttgart Germany, Germany
1980-81 University of applied science/design Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Germany
1982-83 University of applied science/design Pforzheim, Germany
1984 GGK advertisement agency Düsseldorf, Germany
1985 Mc Cann Erickson agency Frankfurt, Germany
1986-87 Cooperation Richard Hsu NYC, USA
1988 Cooperation with Margarethe Hubauer international Hamburg, Germany
1989 Cooperation Seizo Tashima artist Tokyo, Japan
1990 Murdoch magazines NYC, USA
1992-95 Honoring professor for cultural design, HDK Berlin, Germany
1995 Birth of son Moses
1996 Cooperation Marlenaagency NY, USA
2001 Art Book Project Prestelverlag Munich, Germany
2002 Art Book Project Prestelverlag Munich, Germany
2003 Art Book Project Prestelverlag Munich, Germany
2006 Cooperation with Richard Hsu Shanghai, China
2013 Honoring professor calligraphy and painting Charlotte, USA
Living and working in Stuttgart, Paris and Benin


1987-88 Show for Canon NYC, USA
1989 Gallery Omontesanto Tokyo, Japan
1989 Tretjakowhouse Moscow, Russia
1990 Mailart Ubud Bali, Indonesia
1992 Mailart Margarethe Hubauer gallery Hamburg, Germany
1994 Gallery quo quo Central Hong Kong, China
1996 Museum Altes Rathaus Musberg, Germany
1997 Castle Johannisburg mailart Johannisburg, Germany
1999 BBK museum Karlsruhe, Germany
2000 Museum Leonale Leonberg, Germany
2001 Public space Ulmer Spatz Ulm, Germany
2002 Photoresponding art with L Bertrams Kulturpark Berg Stuttgart, Germany
Museum for communication Berlin, Germany
Gallery Kabinett Stuttgart, Germany
Gallery Marsha Child Contemporary Art Princeton NY, USA
Gallery Artevia Düsseldorf, Germany
2003 Rotary Beijing, photoresponding work with Bumiller, China
2004 Mailart BWK Stuttgart, Germany
Installation Novanova Düsseldorf, Germany
Installation Schloss Johannisberg, Germany
2005 Installation man and god Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2010 Biennale Passages10 Bielefeld, Germany
2011 Gallery G.Olomouc, Czech Republic
2012 Gallery AFK Lissabon, Portugal
Robert Kananaj gallery Toronto, Canada
Musee Ville d’Avray Paris, France
2013 Knight Opera Charlotte East meets West North Carolina, USA
Art Traffik Paris, France
Robert Kananaj gallery Toronto, Canada
2014 Museum BKK Oldenburg, Germany
Knight Opera Charlotte, East meets West exhibition NC, USA
Contemporary Art Istanbul, Turkey
Pan Asia Jeju, Southkorea
2015 Palagiocontemporaneo Rom, Italy
Rotary IW 8 Stuttgart, Germany
Museum Gebersheim/ Albrecht Goes, Germany
Knight Opera Charlotte, East meets West exhibition, USA
Castle Johannisburg Jan Teunen Collection Artraum Johannisburg, Germany
2016 Cloud gallery Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Man&God Boston, USA
Gold Kochfabrik Stuttgart, Germany
MAK Museum RLR Wien, Austria
2017 Shanghai Art Fair
2018 Fleiner by architare Stuttgart permanent show


1986 ADC award bronce ‚junior of the year’
1990 ADC Germany award for ‚Radio for you’
1991 Bund Deutscher Grafikdesigner award
1992 Creativ Club Austria bronce
1997 Certificate of Design Excellence
1998 Creativity 27 Tokyo J Award of Distinction
1999 Certificate of Excellence European Design Annual
2000 Magazine Awards for business review design
2001 Magazine Award for business review design


Conde Nast Publications NY, USA
Vogue NY, USA
Mirabella NY, USA
Merian, Germany
Ambiente, Germany
Elle, Germany
Miss Vogue, Germany
Madame Figaro Paris, France
New York Times, USA
Chicago Tribune, USA
Washington Post, USA

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